I have never used :h :command-register and :h <reg> , trying to find an example, but failed to grep \-register from my installed plugins,

The built in :h :delete support a count and an optional register:

:[range]d[elete] [x] {count}
            Delete {count} lines, starting with [range]
            (default: current line |cmdline-ranges|) [into
            register x].

How to create similar command?

Failed Attempt

function s:delete(reg, count) abort
  let reg = empty(a:reg) ? '"' : a:reg
  exe 'delete' reg a:count
command -nargs=1 -register Delete call s:delete('<reg>', <f-args>)


Delete 3
E471: Argument required: Delete 3

Delete 30
Error detected while processing function <SNR>100_delete:
line    2:
E488: Trailing characters: delete 3 0

Delete a 3
works fine

It doesn't look like optional at all, it looks like it always use 1st char or 1st arg as register.

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The problem with -reg is that anything that looks like a register is parsed as such, even when there's no separator to the following arguments. So :Delete 30 sets <reg> to 3 (numbered register) and 0 as the argument. Unfortunately, :delete itself seems to use different parsing rules; it doesn't accept a numbered register, so instead of getting E939: Positive count required you see E488.

Because of these problems, I tend to skip -reg and do the parsing on my own (using ingo#cmdargs#register#ParsePrependedWritableRegister() from my ingo-library plugin), enforcing whitespace separation between the register and further arguments. That may explain why you haven't found any plugins using -reg.

To make :Delete 3 work, you either have to use custom parsing that does not treat 3 as a register, or make the arguments optional via -nargs=?.

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    Should it be E488 in the end of 1st paragraph? I'm not sure i completely follow, I guess i need some time to digest it.
    – dedowsdi
    Nov 14, 2019 at 13:36
  • Yes E488; corrected. Nov 14, 2019 at 13:41

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