I can't remember start from when and why, i always add ! to function and command:

function! ..

command! ...

But :h E122 says:

            When a function by this name already exists and [!] is
            not used an error message is given.  There is one
            exception: When sourcing a script again, a function
            that was previously defined in that script will be
            silently replaced.
            When [!] is used, an existing function is silently
            replaced.  Unless it is currently being executed, that
            is an error.
            NOTE: Use ! wisely.  If used without care it can cause
            an existing function to be replaced unexpectedly,
            which is hard to debug.

In short, one should use ! only when one need to replace an existing function defined in other scripts. But nothing good would happen if such replace happens, right? So it should be avoided?

I went through a few popular plugins on my machine, all of them use !, even for a script scope function, does that make sense? am i missing something?

  • I’ve been wondering the same thing myself lately, and omitting it in new code hasn’t given me trouble. I think it must be a change—IIRC, in older versions the bang was necessary to allow re-sourcing the file to work – D. Ben Knoble Nov 11 '19 at 13:23
  • 3
    It was changed in 8.1.0515, and in 8.1.0573. FWIW, I've removed the bangs everywhere in my vimrc/plugins and did not notice any issue. The only times where I still have to use a bang, are for functions defined at runtime inside other functions; typically for closures (see :h func-closure). – user938271 Nov 11 '19 at 14:04

When sourcing a script again, a function that was previously defined in that script will be silently replaced.

That's a fairly recent (Vim 8.1) change. Previously, you had to use :function! to redefine an existing function. As plugin writers very frequently reload their scripts during development (as its much faster than restarting Vim and restoring all context), you still see :function! in most plugins, although going forward, this isn't needed any longer.

  • Removing all of these ! would, in some sense, break backwards compat, yes? I regularly have to work on systems where 7.4 is the only version available, and it's inconvenient to drop back a level to edit over scp when I'm already logged in to the system. (I have to use v:val instead of lambdas for exactly this reason.) Might be worth a comment. – D. Ben Knoble Nov 11 '19 at 16:16
  • 2
    @D.BenKnoble: That would only bother contributors that just have an older Vim to work on, and they could resort to restarts or :delfunction. When using a plugin, it (normally) is only sourced once, so no problem. – Ingo Karkat Nov 11 '19 at 18:07

Yes, I also wondered at seeing this topic first time. I suspect that the whole story is due to VimScript version changes, however, personally I still see these points:

  1. As it turns out, for a script-local function there's absolutely no difference between function and function!. Therefore, it becomes rather a matter of taste: some people may prefer "shorter" notation, but writing function! s:myfunc() clearly indicates that this thing is "silently re-sourceable" what I think isn't too bad.

  2. For a global function, there's a small chance of a name clash catching, however many plugins tend to prefer autoloaded functions anyway, and a clash inside your own config is very unlikely.

  3. Sometimes I also like execute()-ing things from a "scratch" buffer. Such stuff must be global and have a "bang" to allow subsequent overwrite.

  4. Just a stupid habit of blindly writing function! and command! (yes, command! should be frowned upon too) ;-)

  • 4 is what i have been doing for a long time. 3 is a good point. – dedowsdi Nov 11 '19 at 23:26

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