I got an error when opening my .vimrc with vim saying

".vimrc" 138L, 3781C
Error detected while processing /home/fbence/.vim/view/~=+.vimrc=:
line  117:
E518: Unknown option: termkey=
line  118:
E518: Unknown option: termsize=

and I saw that it is opening some file I didn't create. What is the purpose of the files here? Can I delete them? What is this "unknown option" vim found here?

I am really unsure how to tag this question, but I need to sooo.


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~/.vim/view is a default value (under *nix) for :h 'viewdir' option, which, in turn, is used by the :h :mkview and :h :loadview commands.

:mkview is a rarely used :mksession-like command which saves some settings of a single window/view.

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