Due to working in an environment with no clipboard support I have the following line in my .vimrc:

nmap <F12> :set invnumber<CR> <bar> :set invpaste<CR>

Oddly enough, this works for some files I open, but any other file (or new ones) only the first part (invnumber) is run, and the <bar> and anything that follows is ignored.

  • nmap shows the same output on working and non-working files
  • I thought it might be somehow cached on a name, but new files with names matching working ones do not work either.
  • I tried reversing the order of commands, but only the first is run on non-working files.
  • Removed all plugins, but this behavior persists.
  • Cleaned the vimrc except this line - persists.

What is the problem, or if it's not something simple, how do I debug this?

VIM version is 7.4, (I do not control this) and the plugins I use are matchit, surround, Tabular, and flake8.

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Your mapping is written badly: you don't need both <CR> and <bar> at the same time. Use either :cmd1<bar>cmd2<CR> or :cmd1<CR>:cmd2<CR>. Moreover, with set you can/should merge both settings into one command: :set invnumber invpaste<CR>.

Another thing you should take into account is that number is local to window, but paste is global. Therefore, they could not always match each other.

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    Also nnoremap should be used here
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Oct 31, 2019 at 12:33

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