While there is <up> and <down> that tries to complete the line, sometimes one wants to recall all the commands that start with what was typed, on a (wild)menu.

Is this possible somehow?

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I was able to use FZF to complete the command by using the command history.

Unfortunately, I had to get out of the command line to do so, but it still fairly comfortable. I could edit the command afterwards if I want to.

function! GetCommands()
    let lines=[]
    let nu=histnr("cmd")
    for i in range(1,nu)
        let lines+=[histget("cmd",i)]
    return lines

function! HandleCommand(item)
    call feedkeys("q:")
    call feedkeys("G?\\V".escape(a:item,'\/?')."\<CR>")

function! CompleteCommand(arg)
call fzf#run({'source': GetCommands(),'sink': function('HandleCommand'),'options': '-m --query "'.a:arg.'"'} ) 

:cmap <expr> <c-a> &cedit.'^"xy$'."<esc><esc>:call CompleteCommand(@x)<CR>"

:autocmd CmdwinEnter * map <buffer> <ESC> <C-c><C-c>

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