This question may have an obvious answer that I'm missing, but how can I easily tell how many of a character, in this case " , " are in a line, or a specified string using vimscript?

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VimScript does not have a special character type. In fact, you always count() for substrings (or items in list):

:echo count(getline("."), ",")

You can use this:

:echo len(split(getline('.'), ','))

That will get the content of the current line, split it on the , (comma) to a list and count the number of items of the list.

Note: that the count() function just relatively recently learned about counting items in strings, while this solution is also compatible with Vim 7.

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    Should be len(split(getline('.'), ",", 1)) - 1 as split produces more items than separators, and also to count commas at the start and the end of the line.
    – Matt
    Oct 23, 2019 at 13:01

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