I tried with Flygrep *.kl but it didn't work, I searched how to use --include \*.kl as in a grep search but I didn't find anything

  • while grepping is more for finding specific content, you could possibly try to use a very generic pattern that matches in every file, like ^ or .. That should give you a list of available files. Oct 22, 2019 at 12:12

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A "standard vim" answer:

:args `find . -iname '*.kl'`

Substitute the find command for any command that can generate the list of files.

Then you can use :next and :prev for navigating (bound conveniently to ]a and [a in tpope/unimpaired).

Further refinement:

:vimgrep /pattern/ ##

This searches the arglist (##) for the given pattern; you can use :cnext and :cprev to navigate (bound to ]q and [q in tpope/unimpaired).


Flygrep is a plugin for searching text. it do not for searching file path. if you want to searching file path, I recommended to use denite.nvim

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