when using setline() to insert brackets, matchpairs does not do its job correctly. Using these commands

fu Test()
    cal setline(".", "()")

au TextChangedI * cal Test()

set up the text



upon typing ( into the middle line, (with matchpairs including (:)) you will get


(|| represents what's highlighted)

I've tried disabling and reinstating matchpairs but I couldn't get that to work. How can I make it behave as it should?


The 'matchpairs' option itself doesn't perform any highlighting. It's the standard plugin matchparen that actually does the highlighting.

The problem is that the autocommands matchparen uses to implement the highlighting don't line up well with your code*. For a quick fix, try disabling the highlighting before making your change, and reinstating it afterwards:

function! Test()
    call setline(".", "()")

* Specifically, what's happening is that you are entering the (, the matchparen autocommand fires and highlights the last ), then your autocommand fires and changes the text (but not the highlighting). Then, (at least in my configuration) after a pause, another matchparen autocommand will fire and update the highlighting to be correct.

  • Turns out just a DoMatchParen afterwards is enough to fix it!
    – Mason
    Oct 10 '19 at 15:13

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