I have NVIM v0.4.2 and can run :terminal. Despite that, echo has('terminal') gives 0. In addition, if I try to run a command of vimteractive, an error occurs with

Your version of vim is not compiled with +terminal. Cannot use vimteractive.

What am I missing here?


has('terminal') is for Vim only. In Neovim this feature is always present, and so checking it is not supported.

:h feature-compile

  • Nvim always includes ALL features, in contrast to Vim (which ships with various combinations of 100+ optional features). Think of it as a leaner version of Vim's "HUGE" build. This reduces surface area for bugs, and removes a common source of confusion and friction for users.
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  • Another question remains. Why does vimteractive give an error? – T_T Oct 6 '19 at 2:55
  • @T_T Obviously, the plugin has no support for Neovim (Terminal API in Vim and Neovim differs much). And the fact it gives an erroneous text message should be considered as a bug itself. – Matt Oct 6 '19 at 8:01

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