Here's what I'd like to do, and I'm open to using any tool (not just fzf):

I want to be able to open a new file quickly (with a horizontal split :sp) in a specific directory that I find using fzf. Say we're working with this structure


While I have file.js open in my buffer, I should be able to fuzzy find the foo/baz/ directory and open a new file foo/baz/newfile.js in a split window.

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I ended up using this command in my vimrc with fzf.vim, specifically filtering directories in my current git repo.

function! s:append_dir_with_fzf(line)
  call fzf#run(fzf#wrap({
    \ 'options': ['--prompt', a:line.'> '],
    \ 'source': 'git ls-files $(git rev-parse --show-toplevel) | xargs -n 1 dirname | uniq',
    \ 'sink': {line -> feedkeys("\<esc>:".a:line.line, 'n')}}))
  return ''

cnoremap <expr> <c-x><c-d> <sid>append_dir_with_fzf(getcmdline())

Using fzf.vim, it has the wrapper for Files, (and GFiles, which respect the gitignore while searching)

Under current directory, run :Files, fzf will open a list of files to search. Remember, this only search file names, not file's contents.

Hit c-x for split, or c-v for vsplit.

If you want to preview the content inside the file, set this in .vimrc:

" Likewise, Files command with preview window
command! -bang -nargs=? -complete=dir Files
  \ call fzf#vim#files(<q-args>, fzf#vim#with_preview(), <bang>0)

It will show the preview content next to the search list.

I set the shortcut to sf (in my mind, it is search files, so I can quickly open it)

nmap <silent> sf :FzfFiles<cr>

If you want to search the content inside the files, use :Ag.

Read the fzf.vim documentation for more information.

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