please be gentle, I am trying to learn neovim, coming from vim

the command :!top executed inside neovim returns

top: failed tty get

shell returned 1

After googling, only search results from fzf github regarding kernel regression



I have never used fzf in vim/linux before, I am also trying to use it later on in neovim

But trying out the command on fzf (after installing it), from 1486

echo "hello" | fzf --preview 'echo {}'

in the terminal, it does not return any error. So I think the kernel regression issue is solved?

The OS I am using is Debian Buster.

I am not using :terminal or Ctrl-Z to use shell commands in my vim workflow.

If you find that the only way to use these programs is to use these two options in neovim, please let me know.


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Have a look at :help :!. It says:

The command runs in a non-interactive shell connected to a pipe (not a terminal). Use :terminal to run an interactive shell connected to a terminal.

As top requires a terminal, it can't be run this way.

Running :!top in Vim works as expected, so :! seems to be implemented differently in neovim.

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