I've searched around for how to configure vim/syntastic to process mixed Jinja/Html files but not found the steps. Does anyone know if there is a way to configure Syntastic to handle filetype jinja.html?

The issue that caused me to consider this issue is a Jinja/Html template file with this line

<li><a href="{{ url_for('about') }}">About</a></li>

Vim and Syntastic both report the filetype as jinja.html so they are aware of the mixed file.

The html/tidy checker report these error:

layout.html|23 col 11 warning| <a> escaping malformed URI reference
layout.html|23 col 11 warning| <a> illegal characters found in URI 

After checking I think this is correct syntax. If so, then tidy is probaby not the right checker. Is there a checker or checker configuration that checks the syntax of mixed Jinja/Html files?

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