I want to replace all these at once:

Heading Name --> Another New Title
headingName  --> anotherNewTitle

I tried this:

:%S/heading{, }Name/another{, }New{, }Title/g

It replaces correctly including the first {, } brace pair on the replacement side, but the second one is substituted directly:

Heading Name --> Another New{, }Title
headingName  --> anotherNew{, }Title

Is there a way I can replace a space-separated string with a space separated string, while also replacing the camel cased version with its camel cased version?

I just found out I can use 'coercion' on a camel-cased word to turn it into a title-cased word, crt on anotherNewTitle would become Another New Title, but I would like a solution that uses only one substitution.


I have not found a way to use another {} in the replacement portion of :Subvert

You can however accomplish this replacement:

:%S/heading{Name, Name}/another{TitleNew, Title New}/

It just isn't very satisfying and does not really save you much work.

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