In this video from Bisqwit, the selected line is colored by a gradient according to column number. Image is below. He implemented the gradient in a custom terminal emulator. Is there any way to recreate it with a Vim plugin?

Image of source code in Joe editor with a gradient color behind the selected text.

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Vim (and neovim) use some highlighting groups (:h highlight-groups) to define which color a UI component should have.

For the cursor line the group is hl-CursorLine (:h hl-CursorLine).

Such groups can only contain one color and the code is not made to support the kind of customization you are looking for. So the answer is: it is not possible to recreate that in a vim plugin.

Maybe this could be done by reworking heavily the source code but I don't see such a patch being merged into Vim (maybe into neovim but even there I'm really not sure).

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