I am using exuberent-ctags with vim 8.0. While searching for a tag with a long name, I'd like to have a list of suggestions having the typed string as the sub-string when I use the :ta command. What I want is to have a feature like Sublime's Ctrl+P, that allows you to search for a symbol. Is it possible to achieve the same with ctags?

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    You can use tab completion on the :ta command, but it's not great... It gets a bit better if you :set wildmenu, possibly together with :set wildmode=full. I think one of the plug-ins (like CtrlP or perhaps fzf) might implement completion for tags that might be much more powerful, maybe check them out.
    – filbranden
    Sep 1 '19 at 4:40

You can use Ctrl+D in command-line mode, it shows you all the suggestions you would get with the Tab completion. e.g. :ta func<C-D>

Apart from that, fzf plugin have a :Tags and CtrlP have :CtrlPTag that allows fuzzy-searching for tags. But if you don't use their other features, it might be better to keep it simple with CTRL+D if it works for you.

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