Here is what I am doing now:

vim + $1 -c "set titlestring=$title guioptions-=m guioptions-=r lines=66 columns=239" -c ":source .vim_map" -c "sp .help.txt" -c ":wincmd j"

I would like to open the .help.txt in split window but as read-only where the other file (the $1 as it is in the script) to be writable.

How can I do this?

Regards, Piotr


You can use the :sview command, which opens the file in a split and sets 'readonly' on it.

vim ... -c "sview .help.txt" ...

I found a way. First split the window, then view the file.

Replace this -c "sp .help.txt" with this -c "sp" -c "view .help.txt"

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