In vim plugin 'tpope/vim-speeddating', it support wide variaty of date formats. e.g.

 %Y-%m-%d%[ T_-]%H:%M             2019-08-04 07:42
 %Y-%m-%d                         2019-08-04

But how to add my custom data formats, e.g.

 %Y/%m/%d                         2019/08/04
 %Y/%m                            2019/08

According to the documentation: (help speeddating)

One can use the :SpeedDatingFormat command to list, add, and remove formats. A good place to place custom formats is in .vim/after/plugin/speeddating.vim

For the formats you listed:

SpeedDatingFormat %Y/%m/%d
SpeedDatingFormat %Y/%m
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Write these lines in your ~/.vimrc

au BufEnter * :SpeedDatingFormat %Y/%m/%d
au BufEnter * :SpeedDatingFormat %Y/%m
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    I think using the VimEnter autocmd should work as well? That way it won't be re-run every time you enter a buffer, which probably isn't needed (I think?) – Martin Tournoij Aug 4 '19 at 14:05

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