I'm trying to write vim plugin for easier work with cmake. I want it to read some values from json file: build_dir, generator, cmake VARS and then give vim user few functions: configure, build, maybe run.

I decided to use python, because it's easy to run cmake from it and easy to parse json. But i have problem with understanding where i need to save values from json.

I decided to just save them to vim variables, g:cmake_configuration_name for example. But i didn't find way to do this. I read help python few times already and tried to google it, no luck.

Maybe that's just bad way to do this, so i need help with this too.

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For a vim plugin with python, you may first import the vim module (see :h python-vim).

import vim

Then there is vim.command(cmd) to execute an Ex command, so in your case

vim.command('let g:cmake_configuration_name=' + python_variable)

should do the job.


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