I am trying a search and replace because I am using some macros in my code. I want to replace tb.DUT.genblk4[0].U_rap_cisfd_wrapper this with `RAP_CISFD_WRAP_I in vim.

I tried using


But it is saying pattern not found. Help?

Sample code:


    force tb.DUT.genblk4[0].U_rap_cisfd_wrapper.agent_ops_mem_inst_0.u_ops_mem.wbe_a = 8'hFF;
    force tb.DUT.genblk4[0].U_rap_cisfd_wrapper.agent_ops_mem_inst_0.u_ops_mem.wr_rd_en_a = 1'b1;
    force tb.DUT.genblk4[0].U_rap_cisfd_wrapper.agent_ops_mem_inst_0.u_ops_mem.addr_a = 15'h0000 + 15'h1*d0;
    force tb.DUT.genblk4[0].U_rap_cisfd_wrapper.agent_ops_mem_inst_0.u_ops_mem.data_inp_a = data_ops;
    @(posedge tb.DUT.genblk4[0].U_rap_cisfd_wrapper.agent_ops_mem_inst_0.u_ops_mem.clk);

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You need to also escape the [ character otherwise Vim consider it as the beginning of the /[] pattern atom which create a group containing the characters between [ and ]


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