It seems that there is an issue with window-resize with Quickfix list window.

In case of regular window and quickfix list window, how to make them equal in high?

The CTRL-W- (and the CTRL-W+) works, but CTRL-W= - doesn't work!

Observed in GVIM 8.1 for Windows


:h winfixheight

:h copen

Quickfix window sets winfixheight and 10 lines height by default. winfixheight is local to window and makes it not respect your <c-w>=.

What you can do is to create an autocmd for quickfix window that will set nowinfixheight

smth like:

autocmd! BufWinEnter *Quickfix* setlocal nowinfixheight 

Then after :copen and C-W = you will have 2 equal windows.

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