I have a function in Vim script that returns a string.

" Return first directory with ".git" folder, if none is found
" return the current directory
function! s:project_root()
      for vcs in ['.git']
          let dir = finddir(vcs.'/..', expand('%:p:h').';')
          if !empty(dir)
              return dir
      " If there is no root dir use the current dir
      return expand('%:p:h')

I would like to use this function in a key mapping as the argument to a command called Files. So something like this

nnoremap <leader>f :Files<Space><insert result of function call here><CR>

I tried doing:

execute 'nnoremap <leader>f :Files<Space>'.s:project_root()

but I believe this only calls the function once (when the .vimrc is loaded), when I need the function to be called everytime the keybinding is pressed.

  • nnoremap <leader>f :Files s:project_root()<CR> should work. I can't get what a problem you are facing.
    – Alex Kroll
    Commented Jul 14, 2019 at 17:06
  • 1
    I tried that, and I'm pretty sure it just interprets s:project_root() as the directory name itself, instead of calling it.
    – Foobar
    Commented Jul 14, 2019 at 17:14

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Do the :execute inside your mapping instead.

You don't need to use <Space> in mappings, you can just use an actual space instead.

You probably want to include a <cr> at the end, to actually execute the :Files command and not leave it pending on the command line waiting for you to press enter (but, again, maybe that's what you want?)

Putting it all together:

nnoremap <leader>f :execute 'Files '.<SID>project_root()<cr>

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