The system is Centos7.2. I have installed vim-enhanced and vim-X11, used vimx command.

It shows that vimx supports clipboard and xterm_clipboard. But in vimx, there is no reg + and reg *. I can't copy text to system clipboard using command "+yy

supporting clipboard and xterm_clipboard there is no register + and *

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    Removed tag gvim. Vim needs to connect to the X server to be able to interact with the system clipboard. Might be that Vim is somehow not able to connect to X. Are you able to start any X application from your terminal (like xterm or xclock)? Are you able to do that from inside Vim (like: :!xterm)? – Ralf Jul 6 at 9:54
  • BTW: If echo v:windowid prints 0 (zero), Vim is not connected to X. – Ralf Jul 6 at 13:19
  • @Ralf I connect to a Linux server using secureCRT, and run the command vimx in command-line mode. Command echo v:windowid in vimx prints 0. There is no command xterm or xclock on the remote server. Thanks, I will search 'X server' for help. – abgnwl Jul 9 at 7:04

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