I normally write my functions this way

public void test() {}

to continue, I need to insert a new line from within the brackets, so the final output is this:

public void test(){
    // cursor is here now

To do so in vim, I follow these steps: (the pipe is where the cursor at)

public void test() {}

I press Esc to go to normal mode, then j so now my cursor is here:

public void test() {|}

I press i to go to insert mode and then enter twice so now I have this:

public void test() {


then I press Esc to go to normal mode and then k to go up a line, and then i to go to insert mode and then tab to get to the desired outcome.

Is there a better way?

Note: I really don't wanna use plugins, I hope native vim helps me.


Turn on :h 'autoindent' and :h 'smartindent' , assume current typing is:

public void test(){

input enter}:

public void test(){

input escO:

public void test(){

If you prefer :h i_CTRL-O , replace esc with ctrl-o.

FYI, another way to reindent current line in insert mode is :h i_CTRL-F .

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