Help! I am looking for a vim script function:

The function takes "currentDirectoryPath" and "fileName"; starting from "currentDirectoryPath" it will search recursively for the existence of "fileName" in the parent directory .

Return true if "fileName" is found and stop searching.

Return false if fileName is not found when reaching root '/'.

Thanks if you can help!

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    What have you tried? Why is it not working? Where are you stuck? – filbranden Jun 13 '19 at 5:59

You can use findfile() for this.

:echo !empty(findfile(fileName, currentDirectoryPath.';'))

Use :Ag command of the plugin FZF.vim. It is fuzzy regex search, possibly with preview.

  • Note that :Ag is a wrapper around the silver searcher and is better suited to search for text in the current directory rather than testing if a file exists. The appropriate fzf command would be :Files but it still doesn't answer OP's question who isn't looking for a fuzzy finder but for a function taking as argument a full name and returning a boolean. – statox Jun 28 '19 at 7:42

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