Let's say I'm at line 20 and I want to copy (and paste below line 20) just the line 50. I can do that with :50,50y , then paste with p in normal mode. I found this here.

I want to know if there are ways to do it without that command nor using 50ggyy20ggp (in general taking so many steps).


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Copy line 50 after line 20


Change 20 to . if you want to copy line 50 after current line.

Move around and copy line after line 20:

Go to line 20, and mark it:


Move cursor to any line you want and execute an ex command :


:h :t is synonym for :h :copy:

:[range]co[py] {address}                                *:co* *:copy*
                        Copy the lines given by [range] to below the line
                        given by {address}.

:h :[range] is current line if omitted, :h {address} is mark m in this case.


While the answer with :t is definitely the most convenient way to do it, if you’ve already used :yank then a good next step is probably


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