I have my EXINIT set to

export EXINIT="set ts=4 sw=4 ai nosm nows expandtab"

I also want syn off to turn off syntax highlighting by default.

How can I add this to EXINIT? Tried using ; as a the separator but that doesn't work.

I know I can put these commands in .exrc file but I want to know if I can simply use EXINIT. vi or ex man pages don't talk about EXINIT when checked on my Mac.

  • III The environment variable EXINIT. ¦ The value of $EXINIT is used as an Ex command line.
    – Alex Kroll
    Jun 8 '19 at 9:47

by new line

export EXINIT='
    set ...
    syntax off

by |

export EXINIT='set ... | syntax off | balabala | ....'

check :h :|


Vim uses the | (vertical bar) as a command separator. Like:

export EXINIT="set ts=4 sw=4 ai nosm nows expandtab|syntax off"

See :help :bar. The | doesn't work with all commands. But there shouldn't be any problems with the commands you would typically use in a EXINIT (or VIMINIT).

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