The scenario is that the plugin I use (iron.nvim) has a mapping crt which handle text objects. Ultimately, this mapping is based on a command <Plug>(iron-send-motion). I would like to create a new mapping based on it: <localleader>sp which is to apply <Plug>(iron-send-motion) on a paragraph -- since I use it often.

Is there a way that the existing command can be reused to tailor-make a new mapping?

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You can use nmap with your <Plug> mapping

nmap <localleader>sp <Plug>(iron-send-motion)ap

May need to add <buffer> option if this is 'filetype' specific.

  • Thanks! It is a surprise to me that simply appending ap would work.
    – Gang Liang
    Jun 4, 2019 at 22:07

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