I'm searching through a big text file and want to copy certain lines to another file - there is no specific pattern, I need to visually inspect and copy those lines to an external file. The command :2400p prints line 2400 to the Vim command line, but I can't get it to write (append) it to another file. I could use more or less but not sure that would help any better.


You can use :[range]w >> file to append the given range to the given file. If the file does not yet exist, use the ! argument to the :w command to force writing the new file.

So this means you can use :2400w >> my_custom.txt to write line 2400 to my_custom.txt file, or if your cursor is on the current line already, you can simply use :.w >> my_custom.txt (which could then e.g. be used by a :g command, to write lines matching a certain pattern).

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