My <leader> key is , and for convenience I'm using for a few years now the ; normal-mapped as a :, to save me a key stroke to type :commands.

Now, I know that , and ; are shortcuts themselves, to repeat last f and F commands and the inverse.

; and ,         Repeat latest f, t, F or T [count] times. See :help cpo-;

I want to map them to be <leader> ; and <leader> ,, so I don't lose this functionality. So, if I type ,; it will act as ; and ,, will do as a single ,. I can't wrap my head around this mapping.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


I have the following configurations/maps:

let mapleader=',' 
nnoremap ; :

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If you simply need to create this mapping:

nnoremap <leader>, ,
nnoremap <leader>; ;

OP mentions <leader> is comma, via let mapleader = ',' or similar.

  • Thanks! It worked as a charm. So simple, and yet I couldn't make it at first attempt.
    – DrBeco
    Commented May 31, 2019 at 3:37

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