I've got these mappings in my .vimrc:

nnoremap <C-Tab> :tabn<cr>  " cycle tabs
nnoremap <C-S-Tab> :tabp<cr>    " cycle tabs backward

nnoremap <C-J> <C-W><C-J>   " no Ctrl-W needed to navigate up
nnoremap <C-K> <C-W><C-K>   " no Ctrl-W needed to navigate down
nnoremap <C-L> <C-W><C-L>   " no Ctrl-W needed to navigate right
nnoremap <C-H> <C-W><C-H>   " no Ctrl-W needed to navigate left

When I use them (e.g. I press CtrlL or CtrlH), they work, but I get a “bong” alert sound.

I get the sound in Windows (GVim 8.1 on Win 10), and in my terminal (Vim 8.1 on CentOS via SecureCRT).
There's no sound when I enter the commands manually (e.g. CtrlW,CtrlL), with or without the nnoremap in place.
There's no sound when I use those key combos in other programs.

Why is that happening, and how can I stop it?

  • Side note, a few of those mappings may be more than one thing (Ctrl-H is sometimes backspace, Ctrl-L a screen redraw, and Ctrl-J a newline like hitting Enter)
    – D. Ben Knoble
    May 29, 2019 at 21:47
  • Good to know. In normal mode, C-H and C-J are redundant (for my purposes). Screen redraw is sometimes handy, though.
    – Jacktose
    May 30, 2019 at 16:57
  • When I come to think about it, it is possible that there is no window below your window and that is why it beeps.
    – eyal karni
    Jun 2, 2019 at 23:43

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It is a bad habit to do spaces and remarks in the same line of the mapping. I believe it includes them in the mapping and it causes the beep(about the remark I am not sure). So try to remove them and see what happens.

I have asked a similar question Beep upon using a mapping .

As a temporary solution:

set visualbell t_vb=

Disables all beeps

  • 1
    You're so right! I forgot to include the pipe. Changed to e.g. nnoremap <C-J> <C-W><C-J>| " no Ctrl-W needed to navigate up and there are no bells. (Also no bell if I remove everything after the last >.)
    – Jacktose
    Jun 3, 2019 at 16:19

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