I've been looking around for a while now but I couldn't find a proper answer.

I would like to access python documentation from Vim. I know that some plugins exist (like this one: https://github.com/fs111/pydoc.vim). But these plugins are far from perfect. WIth pydoc for example, if you press K on a word, you'll get the documentation.


import matplotlib.pyplot

If you K on pyplot, you'll get the documentation. But if you have:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

If K on plt, you won't get anything.

There is also the jedi plugin, which displays documentation on the fly. If you type plt., it will display the objects/methods of plt. But you need to be typing for that.

Also, I think none of these plugins work on the code present in the same folder but imported in the current file. For example, if my_module is implemented in a folder, and if I import it in my_script.py, I don't have access to the documentation from my_module.

Do you have any idea how to improve my situation please?

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I am using jedi-vim which can show the documentation for modules and functions. By default, it uses K to look up documentation.

Since it relies on Jedi, you must install Jedi package first:

pip install jedi
# or conda install jedi

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