After trying to make this work:

Map a sequence of letters in insert mode

I can’t get the correct answer to work. Is it still working? Can anyone post a working .vimrc file?

I want to get this: When I type 'a in insert mode I want vim to change it to á.


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An easy way to get á by typing 'a in insert mode is to first :set keymap=accents.

  • Wow, consider it done! That was fast and direct. Thanks a lot.
    – map
    Commented May 16, 2019 at 20:56

You might use digraph to enter á.

Just enter the sequence Ctrl-ka'.

Or: Set the option digraph with :set digraph. Then you can enter á with aBackspace'.

Read more about digraphs with :help digraph.

If you need it regularly, the better solution seems keymap as proposed by @troydj.

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