Is there a way to bind a single in visual mode, or a small word in ex mode that will invoke the code formatter for the active filetype? For example "ESC : fmt" or CTRL ALT F in visual mode, to invoke "ESC : Prettier" or "ESC : RustFmt" for javascript or rust code respectively.

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You are looking for :h 'formatprg':

'formatprg' 'fp'    string (default "")
            global or local to buffer |global-local|
    The name of an external program that will be used to format the lines
    selected with the |gq| operator.  The program must take the input on
    stdin and produce the output on stdout.  The Unix program "fmt" is
    such a program.
    If the 'formatexpr' option is not empty it will be used instead.
    Otherwise, if 'formatprg' option is an empty string, the internal
    format function will be used |C-indenting|.

You can set it to use an external formatting tool or the built-in mechanism.

Once you have set formatprg properly you can use gq as a command to format your code the same way you'd use d to delete it or y to yank it. For example gqip will format the current paragraph.

You can also use :h 'equalprg' and the command =.

And as you want to have a different setting for each filetype, the best practice is to set it in a ftplugin

For example for javascript you could create a file ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/javascript.vim and put something like the following in it:

setlocal formatprg=prettier\ --stdin

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