I'm getting one or more of these message when I open up a file I fold with a custom foldexpr function:

Pattern not found: lastlevel = -1

I'm not sure what's generating except the lastlevel variable is used in my fold function:

let g:lastlevel=0
function! Fold(lnum)
  " is line blank?
  if getline(a:lnum) =~? '\v^\s*$'
     if GetLevel(a:lnum + 1)
         g:lastlevel = -1
         return -1
     return g:lastlevel
  let last = g:lastlevel
  let num_of_pounds = GetLevel(a:lnum)
  if (num_of_pounds > 0)
     let g:lastlevel = num_of_pounds
     return '>' . num_of_pounds
  return g:lastlevel

function! GetLevel(lnum)
  let pounds = strlen(matchstr(getline(a:lnum), '^#\+'))
  return pounds

I also have this related autocommand:

augroup persist_markdown_folds
autocmd BufWinLeave *.md mkview
autocmd BufWrite *.md mkview
autocmd BufEnter *.md set foldenable | set foldlevel=0 | set foldmethod=expr | set foldexpr=Fold(v:lnum) | loadview
autocmd BufNewFile *.md set foldenable | set foldlevel=0 | set foldmethod=expr | set foldexpr=Fold(v:lnum)
augroup end
g:lastlevel = -1

let is missing. I suggest you use syntactic check plugin such as ale or syntastic .

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    This answer would benefit from an explanation of why the given line caused the error (answer: g:lastlevel is a global command searching for lastlevel) – D. Ben Knoble May 5 '19 at 1:53

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