When viewing a directory (using :Explore, for example), I would like to see line numbers. I can run :set number after opening the directory, and that works, but I can't get numbering to turn on by default (using e.g. configuration in my .vimrc file).

I have tried adding variations of the following to my .vimrc file, but none seem to work:

:autocmd FileType netrw set number
:autocmd FileType * setlocal number
:autocmd BufEnter * setlocal number

Here is a reference to a similar question regarding numbering for help files. The solution to that question does not work in this case.

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According to :help netrw:

 *g:netrw_bufsettings*  the settings that netrw buffers have
            (default) noma nomod nonu nowrap ro nobl

So I would try

let g:netrw_bufsettings = 'noma nomod nu nowrap ro nobl'

This can also be found at :help netrw-P19

  • This works. Thanks very much! When all else fails, read the instructions I suppose.
    – Jasha
    Commented May 5, 2019 at 3:38

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