I can customize the n and N keys to always search backward and forward respectively irrespective of what the last search direction was with the following commands:

nnoremap <expr> n (v:searchforward ? 'n' : 'N')
nnoremap <expr> N (v:searchforward ? 'N' : 'n')

I want to achieve similar effects for the , and ; keys, i.e. I want , to always jump backward and ; to always jump forward. But I can't find any similar variable in :h eval.txt for this purpose. Maybe I'm missing some thing.

How do I make , and ; unaware of the direction of the latest f,F or t,T command?

nnoremap <expr> ; getcharsearch().forward ? ';':','
nnoremap <expr> , getcharsearch().forward ? ',':';'

check :h getcharsearch()

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    The whole thing was in fact in :h eval.txt. Don't know why I missed it.
    – klaus
    May 1 '19 at 5:42

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