If I make a mark ma in one split pane and then from another I try to jump to it 'a I can't.

I guess marks are stored per-buffer.

Can I store marks per-tab?

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use upper case or number mark: mA, 'A.

a-z marks are stored per buffer. A-Z0-9 are are global marks, AFAIK you can't store built-in marks per-tab.

                        *'* *'a* *`* *`a*
'{a-z}  `{a-z}      Jump to the mark {a-z} in the current buffer.

                        *'A* *'0* *`A* *`0*
'{A-Z0-9}  `{A-Z0-9}    To the mark {A-Z0-9} in the file where it was set (not
            a motion command when in another file).

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