I have a keyboard with an undo key right next to the esc key. I often miss esc, hit undo, which causes the vim process to be stopped. How can I remap the undo key in vim such that it doesn't do anything? I know how to map keys in vim, but I can't make it work for this particular key.


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You can get the character(s) that this key sends by using <C-v>[key] in commandline or insert mode; for example <C-v><F1>.

This will probably be multiple characters starting with the escape character (^[). You can then map this to <Nop>:

nnoremap <Esc>OP OP <Nop>

This example is F1 on my system.

Replace ^[ with <Esc>; you can also use the literal escape character, but that can be a bit awkward to edit.

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