When you switch to command-line-mode, with :, you see a ":" symbol identifying that you're indeed in command line mode. Is there any way, other than modifying source code, I can change this symbol?


The answer is short and might be unpleasing for you but: no.

You can't change that character without modifying the sources.


I am really not too sure, but by digging through the plugin vim-easymotion which displays a prompt "Search for characters: ", I found that it uses:


Which, based on the example, seems to be able to customise the command or search prompt.

I did not have time to experiment deeply with it, but it might be a lead.

  • My guess would be that they use a terminal window like fzf-vim for example, where it is easy to change the prompt. However I don't use easymotion and I don't have time to dig the code right now so I could be completely wrong. It's too bad that vital-over doesn't have a complete english documentation by the way. – statox Apr 16 at 8:41

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