I am learning Vim, and I find it useful the auto-pairs plugin generates closed paranthesis automatically.

It has some issues where I want to type a closed paranthesis but it jumps to the next closed paranthesis.

So I wanna ask if it's better to use plugin like that or learn to type the closed paranthesis myself through muscle memory?

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    It's totally your own decision whether you actually want to use a auto-close plugin. But if you're experiencing problems with using the plugin, you should use their issue tracker, i.e. github or gitlab etc. – klaus Apr 6 '19 at 15:19

Assume you are a programmer and a vim beginner:

  • As a beginner, you need really really a lot of time to familiar with vim built in stuff.
  • There are also some plugins you can't live without them, you need time to choose and familar with them:
    • plugin manage plugin
    • resouce navigate plugin
    • code navigate plugin.
    • auto complete plugin
    • snippet plugin
    • syntax check plugin
    • status line plugin
    • color scheme plugin

The list might goes on and on, it depends on your coding language, but most of time auto-pair is not one of them.

It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed. You also need extra plugin to make auto-pairs work with . repeat, so IMHO don't use it for the 1st and 2nd month, a few more key strokes wouldn't kill you.

Feel free to try it later.

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