If I have a text containing markdown matching markings e.g.

"Strikethrough uses two tildes. ~~Scratch this.~~"

What would be a good way to delete all those occurrences such as - in this example - "~~Scratch this.~~"?

  • Do you want to delete the characters between the characters? Or do you just want to delete the characters and not the text?
    – klaus
    Apr 2 '19 at 6:47

I guess you want to search all strike-through text and delete it. That can be done with the following substitute command:

  • The escaped tilde \~ is needed as ~ "matches the last given substitute string" (:help /~)
  • The \_. matches any character including newline, so multi-line strike-through is handled. (:help /\_. and :help /\_)
  • The \{-} matches "as few as possible". (help /\{-) BTW: Using * here would match from the first to the last ~~ in the file, as * matches "as many as possible".

This command also handles multiple strike-throughs per line.


Put these in your vimrc and then source the vimrc with :source $MYIMRC:

" simple text-objects
for s:char in [ '~', '_', '.', ':', ',', ';', '<Bar>', '/', '<Bslash>', '*', '+', '%', '`' ]
    execute 'xnoremap i' . s:char . ' :<C-u>normal! T' . s:char . 'vt' . s:char . '<CR>'
    execute 'onoremap i' . s:char . ' :normal vi' . s:char . '<CR>'
    execute 'xnoremap a' . s:char . ' :<C-u>normal! F' . s:char . 'vf' . s:char . '<CR>'
    execute 'onoremap a' . s:char . ' :normal va' . s:char . '<CR>'

Then you can do di{char} to delete the texts in between the {char} and da{char} to delete the texts in between the {char} along with the characters themselves.

The for loop iterates over :h list containing the {char} and execute :h mapping commands for :h operator-pending-mode and :h visual-mode so that the {char} in the list can act as :h text-objects

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