I am using Vim version 8.0 and I would like to use <M-Up>, <M-Down>, <M-Left> and <M-Right> for navigating from window to window during insert mode. I am unable to get this work. These are the key-bindings in my ~/.vimrc:

inoremap <M-Left> <C-w><Left>
inoremap <M-Right> <C-w><Right>
inoremap <M-Up> <C-w><Up>
inoremap <M-Down> <C-w><Down>

In normal mode, things work. That is, when the key maps are changed from inoremap to noremap. Would someone have an idea how i can troubleshoot the problem or what is wrong in my above configuration?


You need to use :h i_CTRL-O. From the help docs:

CTRL-O      execute one command, return to Insert mode

Try these:

inoremap <M-Left>  <C-O><C-w><Left>
inoremap <M-Right> <C-O><C-w><Right>
inoremap <M-Up>    <C-O><C-w><Up>
inoremap <M-Down>  <C-O><C-w><Down>

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