I am developing a neovim client using RPC, and trying to get all status line texts shown in below figure. Are there any ways to get them?

I have already tried using execute function and the redirection function, but they can only get them partially. I would like to get all strings.

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  • that are not the statusline strings. You can capture the output from various commands using redir or execute(), but you cannot obtain the statusline strings. – Christian Brabandt Mar 31 '19 at 7:51

You need to use :h :redir

Try the following:

:redir @a
:redir END
:reg a

The above commands will redirect the output of the commands used in between redir@a and redir END to register a (see :h :reg).

You can also redirect output to

  • A file with :redir >> file
  • A register with :redir @{a-z} or :redir @{a-z}>
  • Selection clipboard with :redir @*>
  • A variable with :redir => {var}

And you can append (not overwrite) to the already contents stored in the registers, files, variables by using >> instead of > in all the above :h :redir commands. That is you can append the output of a command to

  • A file with :redir >> file
  • A register with :redir @{a-z}>> or :redir @{A-Z}> or :redir @{A-Z}
  • Selection clipboard with :redir @*>>
  • A variable with :redir =>> {var}
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    Also the execute() function returns output – D. Ben Knoble Mar 31 '19 at 13:25

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