How can I adjust my .vimrc so that set conceallevel=0 is specific to just LaTeX documents?

The plugin vim-devicons requires the following conceal level with NERDTree:

set conceallevel=3

However, with this level set to 3, when editing a LaTeX document the LaTeX code is hidden and its WYSIWYG form is shown instead.

For example, instead of this showing in Vim:

\textbf{Leading Word:} This is a sentence.

...this is shown in Vim instead:

Leading Word: This is a sentence.

It's quite annoying to say the least because I would rather see the code, (or at least have the code revealed with the cursor placed over the text if there's no solution to see just the code with a conceallevel=3).

Setting set conceallevel=0 in my .vimrc has no effect on the LaTeX document and it continues the WYSIWYG behavior. Setting in vim set conceallevel=0 is cumbersome to do by hand in my workflow, and all the icons have special characters and brackets surrounding them.

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I found the answer to my own question after hours of hunting.

This post sheds light on the issue: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18160953/disable-latex-symbol-conversion-in-vim

It's resolved by:

let g:tex_conceal=""

To quote h: tex_conceal:

              *g:tex_conceal*  Tex: Selective Conceal Mode~

You may selectively use conceal mode by setting g:tex_conceal in your <.vimrc>. By default, g:tex_conceal is set to "admgs" to enable concealment for the following sets of characters: >

a = accents/ligatures b = bold and italic d = delimiters m = math symbols g = Greek s = superscripts/subscripts < By leaving one or more of these out, the associated conceal-character substitution will not be made.

Setting this to blank will reveal all the characters hidden specifically for TeX documents.

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