I just accidentally deleted an important file in :Ex (I thought I was still typing a search string and hit Shift+D and then Enter immediately).

Can I unmap this entirely to avoid this (stupid and not very likely, but still annoying) risk in the future?


You will need to unmap D only for the filetype netrw to do that you can create the file ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/netrw.vim and inside put the following lines:

" Avoid unwanted file deletions with D
unmap <buffer> D

Then you should be good to go, D will not do the suppression anymore.

How does it work?

See :h ftplugin, the idea is to create a file which will be sourced when the filetype of a buffer is set to netrw but after the Netrw plugin did it's own configurations so that you can override them. Note that instead you can probably use an autocommand, but I think it would be pretty redundant since that would be not using the built-in Vim mechanisms.

And the <buffer> parameter to the unmap command is necessary because Netrw remaps D only in its own buffers.

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