I want to make a mapping that jumps to the file of a mark but on the last visited line. Ideally I would write something like this:

nnoremap z<mark> '<mark>`"

Where z is some command prefix and <mark> is the mark I want to use. However I don't see any way to implement this for all marks. I could manually expand this but that is nasty.

nnoremap zA 'A`"
nnoremap zB 'B`"
nnoremap zC 'C`"
" ...

I was wondering if there is anything nicer then iterating over all marks.

Bonus points if the command can be za and the mark is automatically upper-cased.

  • What's the 'A'" for? marking A and then nnoremap zA 'A works . Doesn't work for ` ma of course. Sorry formatting in comments is horrible
    – Steve
    Commented Mar 12, 2019 at 23:57

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Try the following:

function MyJumps()
    let chr=nr2char(getchar())
    if chr < 'A' || chr > 'Z'
        return ""
    return "'" . chr . '`"'

nnoremap <expr> z MyJumps()

This maps z to call the function MyJump(). This functions first gets one char of input. If the input is not in the range A-Z it returns an empty string. Else it returns '<char>`".

As the nnoremap is a map-expression, Vim takes the returned characters and executes them.

See :help map-expr


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