In order to have my vim text always bold, I found this config in stackoverflow:

 :hi MyGroup cterm=bold
 :match MyGroup /./

But somehow, it has messed up search highlighting. It is no longer highlighted, but it shouldn't have any effect on that, since it is only changing the cterm property, and not ctermfg/ctermbg.

I thought if I added the following I would fix it, but it didn't:

 :hi Search ctermbg=yellow ctermfg=black term=bold cterm=bold

Any solutions?

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    In :help :match it states that "the {group} highlighting still applies when a character is to be highlighted for 'hlsearch'..." Essentially it overrides searches. So match might not be the best way to do this. – Tumbler41 Mar 12 at 20:04

Despite this seeming like a fairly simple task, I can't think of straight forward way to do this. The best way I know how is to create your own color file and change all the cterms to bold.

If you're using one of the default color schemes you can find it at .../Vim/vim##/colors where ## is the version you're running.

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