I'm currently writing a plugin to quickly appends commented TODO: codetags to the end of a line in any file type.

How can I make vim make use of it's commenstring feature to append a comment that corresponds to the filetype?

I am currently entering those manually but I feel like there may be a more platform agnostic way to do this...

Here is what some of my maps look like right now:

" Markdown todo's
autocmd FileType markdown nnoremap <buffer> td o<Esc>o<Esc>O[comment]:<Space>#<Space>TODO:<Space>
autocmd FileType markdown nnoremap <buffer> TD 0/TODO:<Enter>kd2j
" Vim todo's
autocmd FileType vim nnoremap <buffer> td A<Space><Space>"TODO:<Space>
autocmd FileType vim nnoremap <buffer> TD 0/"TODO:<Enter>d$
" PHP todo's
autocmd FileType php nnoremap <buffer> td A<Space><Space>//TODO:<Space>
autocmd FileType php nnoremap <buffer> TD j0?//TODO:<Enter>d$
" Javascript todo's
autocmd FileType javascript nnoremap <buffer> td A<Space><Space>//TODO:<Space>
autocmd FileType javascript nnoremap <buffer> TD j0?//TODO:<Enter>d$


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You could use a combination of :execute and substitute. The idea would be to use substitute to replace the %s in the commentstring by your TODO and then use execute to forge the content of the mapping.

Your js mapping could be something like this:

nnoremap td :execute "norm! A  " . substitute(&commentstring, '%s', 'TODO ', '')<CR>A


  • execute lets you execute a command forged from a concatenation of strings.
  • The concatenated strings are
    • norm! A to execute A as in normal mode (The ! is important if your users remaps A)
    • substitute(&commentstring, '%s', 'TODO ', '') is the commentstring with %s replaced by TODO
  • <CR> validates the execute command
  • The final A allows the user continue to type their comment.

Relevant help topics:

You could also have a look at the source code of NERDCommenter to see how they use 'commentstring'.

  • That's awesome! This reply suggests that markdown comments should have their own line. Do you know how I could make Comment start a new line for .md file? I tried adding au BufRead,BufNewFile *.md set filetype=markdown | let Comment="foo" | let EndComment="bar" to my vimscript plugin but it isn't detected... So I can't even try to add a new line using \n [comment]: . Commented Mar 11, 2019 at 14:11
  • I'm not sure what you are trying to do with let Comment="foo" actually. Maybe your solution could be to setup up 'commentstring by yourself for markdown files with something like setlocal commentstring="\n[comment]: # %s"? (I haven't tested that I'm not sure it works)
    – statox
    Commented Mar 11, 2019 at 14:18

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