In the fzf plugin you can define mappings for the fzf window to open the selected file in a vertical split, etc. How can I make fzf mapping to insert the path of the selected file as a string into the current buffer? I want to use this mapping inside the fzf-window opend by :FZF and similar commands.


You could always yank it and put it. I dont know how to create fzf mappings but the right hand side would basically be something like

normal! yaW<C-w>pp

Or in “pure” Ex commands, which work linewise:

yank | wincmd p | put

Depending on how much you want to yank.

  • You cannot (as far as I know) use normal mode command when selecting files in the fzf promt. I have tried to clarify my question. – Andreas Mar 20 at 10:32
  • @Andreas see edita – D. Ben Knoble Mar 20 at 12:35

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