I am trying to return this :GrepperAck ''<Left> from a Python function and use it in the following mapping

def invoke_search_command():
  return ":GrepperAck ''<Left>"
:nnoremap <expr> <leader>f py3eval('invoke_search_command()')

But the <Left> is printed literally like :GrepperGit ''<Left>.

But if I use :nnoremap <expr> <leader>f py3eval('invoke_search_command()') . '<Left>', it works. I tried escaping the returned string like ":GrepperAck ''\<Left>", but it is still getting printed literally. What am I doing wrong?

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    @BLayer Sorry, that was my bad. – RajaRaviVarma Jun 28 at 11:40

You definitely need the backslash version \<Left>. Is use of py3eval necessary? Unless you need to translate data structures from Python to Vim or something it would be better to return a straight string. You need to make sure the string :GrepperAck ''\<Left> is passed literally to the command line. Then it will be processed as an expression due to <expr>.

I don't have a Python installation but I can demonstrate the fundamental workings without it. Given...

func! Foo()
    return ":GrepperAck ''\<Left>"

And this mapping...

nnoremap <expr> <leader>f Foo()

Then when I enter leader key and f this is what I'll see on the command line..

:GrepperAck ''

...and the cursor will be inside the quotes.

If you must use py3eval then one thing you might try is to wrap that in a string() function call.

nnoremap <expr> <leader>f string(py3eval(..))
  • I will try the string function call and let you know if this works, and accept this answer if it works. Thanks. – RajaRaviVarma Jun 28 at 11:44
  • @RajaRaviVarma Thank you. If it doesn't work and there are any additional details that might help let me know. I like to see a question/answer through to the end if I'm able. – B Layer Jun 28 at 12:24
  • Wrapping the whole expression with string() throws Unknown mark error. Sorry that didn't work. – RajaRaviVarma Jun 28 at 14:01
  • I also tried returning the value of the py3eval(..) function, from another vim function. The result was the same, it printed the literal \<Left> instead of moving the cursor left.. – RajaRaviVarma Jun 28 at 14:06
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    Yup, the pure vim function worked fine. – RajaRaviVarma Jul 1 at 4:29

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